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There is so much marvellous art in this world. Art that wanders through
thoughts and the stories behind the thoughts. Here is a first impression
of art that fascinates us.

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'Along the Seine (Paris)’, 1987
Oil on canvas, 43,5 x 54 cm,
Signed: below left 'b mankes 87'
Beint Mankes (1918-1990)

Beint Mankes is the son of the famous artist Jan Mankes and PhD Anne Mankes-Zernicke, the first female vicar in the Netherlands. Beint is only two years old when his father at the age of 31 dies of tuberculosis. As an artist Beint could only live in his shadow. Just look at the portrait father Jan painted in 1916 of his mother, which is labeled as an 'ultimate class, a portrait that is unparalleled in the Dutch portraiture because of its austerity reflection of deep seriousness and soulful tenderness'. As a son you only can behold it in admiration and try not to get frustrated, because it is impossible to equal it.

Although we assume that father Jan only as identification object influences the development of Beint as an artist, his talent is undeniably there. Beint Mankes goes to the Academy of Fine Arts in Rotterdam and then to the Academy of Art in The Hague. He lives and works first in Rotterdam, later in Laren (NH) and initially earned his living as a commercial artist and designer. Because blood is thicker than water he focuses himself at some point entirely to art and paints (oil and watercolour) and draws (pastels), still lifes, landscapes, town and woodland scenes and portraits. He also teaches at the Gooi Academy of Expressive Arts and is a member of the Gooi Painters Association, as mentions the artists encyclopedia Pieter Scheen, which calls him a 'well-known painter'. The Centraal Museum in Utrecht owns a watercolour of him and the municipality Laren buys in 1973 a portrait - 'Sitting girl from Ridderkerk' - for 650 guilders (source: Couleur Locale, 2009).

The oil painting 'Along the Seine' he makes three years before his death. Even though many artists have painted this Parisian scene, Beint Mankes has it displayed in a pleasant way, in its own, somewhat schematic style. The persons are volatile 'in upholstered’, as you also encounter on drawings by architects or as illustrations in brochures of publicity agencies. So we see in his artistry traits of his former profession as a commercial artist. For us, this is an authentic work, which we love to watch.